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Calvary Postpartum and Newborn Care Welcomes You

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All About Calvary Postpartum and Newborn Care

About Me

Hi my name is Calvary (Callie)

From as early as I can remember I had a doll in my arms and would play “ baby”. Once I outgrew baby dolls, I went straight to babysitting! I was a full-time nanny throughout my high school career as I was homeschooled which allowed me to study my love for infants and put it to action. That led me to pursue my career and trainings on newborns and all things postpartum. I then started working full-time as a newborn care specialist and Postpartum Doula and haven't look back since!! 

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Michelle B

Calvary is immaculate at her job. She cares for my son with love, kindness and more patience than I have ever seen. Her presence is simply calming. When she started working for us, our son was only about a month old. We were still swaddling, I was full time breast feeding and he was still sleeping in his bassinet in our room. Not only did she prioritize our son, but she also went out of her way to help me with any questions I had about having a newborn and being a new mom. She has been gentle and caring with both of us, offering advice when applicable and helping us shift from a married couple to a family.

Claire G

Callie was the secret to our success in the early newborn days. Callie would take care of our daughter overnight starting at 4 nights per week and increasing to as many as we could have her. Callie gave me the confidence as a new first time mom. She is an invaluable resource to new parents for her knowledge and abilities. We trust her completely and enjoyed working with her. We referred Callie to several friends of ours and she delighted them as well. Thank you, Callie! 

Margo T

We love Callie! She is responsible, trustworthy, flexible, and extremely knowledgeable and caring. She has been helping with G  since he was three days old. We would highly recommend her for a  night nurse, sleeping training, nanny, etc. She has helped me navigate sickness and new development mental stages. We can’t say enough good things about her.

Hannah H

Calvary watched after our newborn at night for about two months from January to February 2023 and we would highly recommend her work. She is kind, trustworthy and was great with our baby boy. She fed our son, changed his diapers, and helped him sleep, and cleaned/sanitized his bottles/pump parts. We slept much better at night knowing she was there keeping our son happy and safe. We hope Calvary will be able to help us with any future children we may have.

Lauren K

Callie was amazing! She was knowledge, gentle and tentative. She always kept the area tidy and made it stress free the next morning. I highly recommend her services!

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My Services

What I Offer

Overnight Newborn Care 

Waking up with baby, changing, and feeding ( or bringing to you to breastfeed) , getting them back to sleep while supporting good sleep hygiene. Also helping with babies laundry as well as washing all bottle and/ or pump parts 

Daytime Newborn Care

Supporting and assisting you in caring for baby and establishing a good daytime routine and environment. Helping with laundry, light housekeeping, and meal prep

Baby Products Consult 

Assisting you through all the latest baby products you may need and the things you actually may not need! In person or virtual. 

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